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Photography by Rachel Bigsby

A photograph of Jo Sermon



Jo Sermon is a top flight content strategist, partnership convener and marketer - now focusing one hundred per cent on transformative ideas that create tipping points to solve the issues facing Planet Earth  


Jo brings many years of experience from BBC Studios where, as Director of Factual, she was behind the conception, investment and marketing of the most successful international Factual content of the last twenty years: Walking with Dinosaurs, Blue Planet I & II, Planet Earth I & II and Top Gear to name but a few. Inspired by what’s been coined “the Blue Planet effect’s” impact on Plastics, Jo believes that ‘big noisy content’ can absolutely change hearts and minds.

Jo is the CEO of On Purpose Group, a purpose driven content agency that focuses on the planet's biggest challenges. There she Executive Produces and funds TV and social media content spanning all the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – including the digital impact campaigns for #ourgreenplanet and #ourfrozenplanet which have each been seen by >600 million people.  Previously Jo worked at Diageo and Cable & Wireless as a multi award winning marketer.

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