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Our Branding + Identity

A Brand in Motion

Biophonica collaborated with @marciamihotichstudio to create an elegant new identity encapsulating the concept of ‘a brand in motion’. Not only a visual brand – Biophonica also uses video, sound to build a sensory and continually changing landscape.


The identity had to work as a standalone brand and feel like a natural fit with a range of styles from electronic to classical music or showcase creative projects and partners.


The logotype uses the visual language of musical scores. The typeface is based on ABC Prophet, with its calligraphic shapes echoing musical notation combined with dots – like notes describing rhythm and timing.


The animated version of the logotype – inspired by the natural world moves like a flock of birds or pulses like sound and can be used in an infinite number of variations. There is also library of gentle morphing shapes which can be used as windows onto the natural world, icons or supergraphics.

The Biophonica logo
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